"One Touch of Venus"       Dessau 2010

...   The most consistently successful part of the mise-en-scène was the choreography by Mario Mariano, which accomplished the nearly impossible task of evoking Agnes de Mille´s uniquely highbrow-meets-lowbrow style that was a highlight of the original production. The ballets, "Forty Minutes for Lunch" and "Venus in Ozone Heights", the interludes of neoclassical dance for the Olympian pantheon, as well as the first-act finale, the art melodrama "Dr. Crippen", were amongthe best realized parts of the production. Throughout, Mariano´s juxtaposition of different ballet styles with 1940s popular dance idioms succeeded in giving the production real vitality and period flair.

                                                                                                 David Savran       -      The Graduete Center, CUNY

www.kwf.org         Kurt Weil Newsletter          Vol.28, Nr. 1            New York



...Choreograph Mario Mariano führt das um Berliner Musical-Studenten verstärkte Ballet des Dessauer Theaters  zu schwungvolles Straßenszenen und in das genorm Glück von "Ozone Heights"- und steuert Intemezzi bei, in der all die antiken Alphatierchen begegne und begehren: Amor und Artemis, Ares und Athene.

                                                                                                 Andreas Hillger, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 08.03.2010

Ute Gfrerer und Ballett des Anhaltischen Theater Dessau